Advanced Movement Therapy


Advanced Movement Therapy (AMT) is a modality of bodywork which incorporates soft-tissue manipulation through the use of a “Pin and Stretch” technique often used by massage therapists. It is designed to assist those clients/patients undergoing Soft Tissue rehabilitation. The premise is to “pin” a muscle in position and then “stretch” the muscle tissue. This is accomplished by way of shortening the muscle, offering the muscle a resistant force “pinning”, and then lengthening “stretching” the muscle. The primary goal of this type of bodywork is to increase range of motion while the secondary goal is the reduction of pain.

Corrective Exercise


The easiest way to describe and understand Corrective Exercise is to first understand what is a postural distortion. Think of a postural distortion as something that is wrong with a person’s posture. When you see someone who has a hunchback, walks with their feet turned out like a duck, or has  “knock-knees” - these are examples of postural distortions. Corrective Exercise is a process in which the provider identifies these postural distortions and then creates an exercise program to correct the issue.

Deep Muscle Stimulation


The Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) is a handheld device that is placed on the area to be treated and provides deep muscle tissues with percussion and vibration. Common injuries treated with DMS include muscle spasm, pain, inflammation, muscle strain, and scar tissue. It can also be used to enhance athletic performance prior to an event, and decrease post-performance cramping and fatigue. Unlike some other forms of therapy, the DMS can be used immediately prior to, and following, a performance.




Cryotherapy, simply put, means any type of therapy which includes the use of cold temperatures, like the application of ice, to help an injured area to heal. At CCE the way we use cryotherapy is by the application of form-fitted ice packs which are designed for specific areas of the body. For example, when a patient has an injured elbow, we have an ice pack which is designed to fit the contour of the elbow. Our form-fitting ice packs don’t rely on frozen water to retain their cold temperatures. Due to the proprietary formula of our ice packs, they can remain cold for hours and they don’t melt or condensate all over you or your clothes.

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