Advanced Movement Therapy

Advance Movement Therapy

Advanced Movement Therapy (AMT) is a form of bodywork which activates the muscle via a Pin-and-Stretch technique.

The primary goals of AMT are increased Range of Motion and Pain Reduction.

Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercise is a process in which the therapist identifies postural distortions and then creates an exercise program to correct the issue.

Examples of postural distortions are: walking with the feet rotated in/out or having rounded shoulders.

Deep Muscle Stimulation

Deep Muscle Stimulation

The Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) is a handheld device that provides intense percussion to the muscles.


The DMS can be used to treat  muscle spasm, strain, and reduce scar tissue. In turn, this process  can  speed recovery and enhance performance.


Cryotherapy means cold therapy. An example is the application of ice to an inured area.


At CCE we use form-fitted ice packs which are designed for specific areas of the body.