Andrew Clarke, CMT, CPT

A former computer programmer of 15 years Andrew entered the Health and Fitness field in 2012. Andrew was an avid runner and body builder who sustained a lumbar herniated disc in 2007 which would forever change his life. He was aided by a Corrective Exercise Specialist who helped him regain strength of control of his body. So impressed with this exercise methodology Andrew embarked on a career change in 2012 and he himself became a Certified Personal Trainer.


Andrew established The Center for Corrective Exercise in beautiful Maui, Hawaii in 2012 where he honed his skills in working with injury victims and the aging population. In 2013 Andrew discovered, quite by accident, that he had a gift and talent for further helping his clients through the healing touch of orthopedic massage therapy. In 2014 Andrew enrolled in the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage and completed his full time studies in just seven months. Andrew is a recent San Diego transplant and loves living and hanging out in downtown San Diego.

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