Soft Tissue Massage

Your Pain Is Not Incurable

  • Is pain or lack of Range of Motion keeping you from living life to its fullest?

  • Are you having trouble bending, twisting, reaching, lifting?

  • Are you not able to perform movements at the level you desire?


If so, you are not alone. Many people feel like there is no hope for coming back from an injury which has created physical limitations.

At CCE we believe that Advanced Movement Therapy (AMT) can greatly improve Range of Motion

helping you overcome a soft-tissue injury. Come and experience the benefits of AMT.

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Soft Tissue Therapist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Andrew Clarke founded The Center for Corrective Exercise in 2012 in beautiful Maui, Hawaii before relocating to San Diego. He offers Soft-Tissue Therapy treatment using Advanced Movement Therapy. He also offers personalized Corrective Exercise Instruction. More